Whether to leave a tip in Morocco: everything a tourist needs to know

Many travelers, planning a tour to Morocco, are wondering about the traditions of leaving tips. Is this a mandatory action or just a sign of politeness? A detailed guide will help you understand the nuances.

1. Tips in restaurants in Morocco:
Is it customary in Morocco to leave a tip after dinner? Of course! In restaurants and cafes of the country, a good tone is about 10% of the bill with satisfactory service. In more democratic places, a couple dirhams would be an appropriate thank you.

2. Guides and drivers in Morocco:
Did your guide make the tour of Morocco unforgettable? Tips to the guide or driver, whether it is a taxi or a tourist bus, should be left depending on the quality of services – usually it is 20-50 dirhams.

3. Hotels in Morocco and tips:
Do not forget to express gratitude to the hotel staff: from 10 to 20 dirhams to the cleaner or boiler will be a friendly gesture.

4. Shopping in the markets of Morocco:
When visiting Moroccan markets, or souks, you may be offered assistance in choosing goods. Such a “guide” to the market deserves gratitude in the amount of 10-20 dirhams.

5. Tips for tipping on the streets of Morocco:
If the locals offered help with orientation around the city, and you took advantage of it, a tip will be appropriate. However, keep an eye on the amount of the reward, especially if the help was intrusive.

Tipping in Morocco is not only gratitude for a service, but also an indicator of respect for an employee.