When is the best time to visit Morocco: a guide to climate and temperature

Morocco is an amazing place with a variety of landscapes, ranging from picturesque beaches to snow—capped mountains. Each region has its own climatic features that determine the best time to visit Morocco.

Spring (March-May) is an ideal time for excursions:
Marrakech: 22-25°C during the day, 12-16°C at night
Fez: day 18-23°C, night 10-15°C
Merzuga Desert: 25-30°C during the day, 11-15°C at night
Spring attracts tourists due to moderate temperatures and blooming landscapes of the Atlas Mountains.

Summer (June-August) — enjoy the beach and mountains:
Essuweira: day 22-28°C, night 16-22°C
Agadir: 24-30°C during the day, 17-22°C at night
Marrakech: 30-40°C during the day, 20-25°C at night
The beach resorts of Essuweira and Agadir are ideal places to relax in the summer months.

Autumn (September-November) — comfortable travel:
Marrakech: 25-32°C during the day, 15-20°C at night
Fez: 20-28°C during the day, 10-15°C at night
Merzuga Desert: 22-28°C during the day, 10-15°C at night

Winter (December-February) — Explore the cities and enjoy the winter desert:
Marrakech: 14-20°C during the day, 6-12°C at night
Fez: 10-17°C during the day, 3-9°C at night
Merzuga Desert: 12-17°C during the day, 0-5°C at night
In conclusion, the climate of Morocco can change from year to year, so it’s always worth keeping an eye on the current weather forecast before starting a trip. Our guide will help you choose the best time of the year to travel to Morocco.